Maren Morris Validated by Tim McGraw

Hearing Him Sing Her Song Was Purest Form of Encouragement

Just about two and a half years ago, Tim McGraw released his Sundown Heaven Town album, which features a song called “Last Turn Home.”

While it might not have been a big deal to the average country fan because it was never released as a single, it was everything to Maren Morris.

She co-wrote the song long before anyone had heard of her as an artist and long before anyone had heard “My Church.”

“To have Tim be the first person to ever cut one of my songs was just the purest form of validation,” Morris told People.

But after that validation, and a few more cuts for others artists, the singer-songwriter wanted to be more singer than songwriter.

“After a while, it was hard to hear another voice singing my lyrics,” she said, adding that she missed being the one onstage behind the mic.

Morris had been paying her dues since she was a young teenager, even going to Grammy Camp at 14, playing wherever she could book a gig and trying out for both American Idol and The Voice.

Yes both. And the Grammy nominated artist didn’t make the cut on either one.

Now that Morris has officially “made it,” despite the rejections from reality TV, that has to be its own special kind of validation.