Chris Young: Vince Gill Is a Joy

“The Nicest Guy, Period”

It’s not every day that you meet one of your idols and he is better than you even imagined.

More often that not, it’s one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations.

But when Chris Young met Vince Gill, he lucked out.

“It’s been really a joy to get to know somebody that I’ve looked up for so long,” Young said in a recent radio interview.

“You know, you put people like that on a pedestal. So he’s so far exceeded what my expectations of meeting him were and being around him would be,” he added of his “Sober Saturday Night” duet partner. Young co-wrote the song with brothers Brett and Brad Warren.

“Vince Gill might be the nicest guy, not just in country music, just period. He’s always going out of his way and spending time working on someone’s project, like he did with me with ‘Sober Saturday Night.’ Or whether it’s doing charity shows, benefits, just his time, he gives up so much of it.

“He’s just always so nice with everybody,” Young added.

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