Tim McGraw: R&R Before S2S

Some Hog Fishing in Advance of the Launching New Tour

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Tim McGraw posted the quintessential fishing picture.

It shows him proudly holding a hog fish that he caught with a spear. Something he should absolutely be proud of, because catching fish that way is no easy feat.

Since pole spear fishing has to be done in very clear water, I’m guessing McGraw’s excursion took place somewhere near his private island in the Bahamas. I remember when he finally opened up about the island publicly, saying on a red carpet a few years ago, “Country music’s been very good to me.”

With his massive Soul2Soul Tour with his wife Faith Hill only a couple months away, I assume McGraw is just getting in some quality down time – -as evidenced by the full beard he’s grown — before the first show on April 7 in New Orleans.