Thomas Rhett Won’t Overthink the Grammys

If He Wins, He'll Thank Jesus and His Wife

If Thomas Rhett wins best country song for “Die a Happy Man” at the upcoming Grammy Awards, he will not be prepared.

And he’s prepared for that.

At Thursday night’s (Jan. 26) annual Grammy nominees party in Nashville, Rhett told why he doesn’t like to picture himself up on the stage giving an acceptance speech he had written before the win.

“I feel like if I wrote something, I would just leave it in my pocket and not remember that it was there,” he said. “Usually when I walk up there and accept any kind of thing, it’s always kind of off the cuff.”

But for sure, he will thank the two he always thanks when he wins: Jesus and his wife Lauren.

“Every time. And I always forget the names, but this time if it happens, I will remember the names,” he promised.

When Thomas Rhett found out about his nomination, he and his wife were out of the country. (Judging from a photo he posted on social media at the time, they were on a safari somewhere.)

“My manager called me and said, ’Hey, guess what, you’re nominated for a Grammy.’ And I was like, ’Wow, this is crazy.’ My wife and I, we got to celebrate out of the country, and now that we’re back, it’s very surreal and can’t wait for the show,” he said.

The 59th annual Grammy Awards show airs Feb. 12 on CBS.