4 Questions We Have After Nashville: Season 5, Episode 5

There's So Much We're Dying To Know

This week’s new episode of Nashville (Jan. 26) was a big one. From the Exes’ video shoot, to Clay revealing he has bipolar disorder and Rayna’s stalker revealing himself, we were on the edges of our seats from start to finish.

Now that we’ve had a little time to reflect, here’s what’s on our minds:

  1. Will Scarlett and Gunnar make it past their issues and move on as a couple?

    Despite his diva director antics, Damien did shed some very real light on the underlying issues with Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship. Will Scarlett ever be able to move on from their past? Does Gunnar deserve her forgiveness?

  2. What will the final music video look like?

    Damien definitely solicited an unbelievable performance from Scarlett, but it came at a very personal cost to her. Will the final video show Scarlett as the powerful, mysterious woman Damien imagined? Will she even be able to stand watching it? Will it be the launching pad for the Exes that Rayna is hoping for?

  3. Will Maddie and Clay become a couple?

    Maddie and Clay still have hurdles in their path, but Clay introducing himself to Rayna and Deacon was a huge step forward. But how will they react when they find out how much older Clay is than Maddie?

  4. Will Rayna’s stalker leave her alone?

    The stalker showing up at Highway 65 was definitely terrifying for Rayna. We hope Rayna gets a restraining order, but will it be enough to keep him away?

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