Russell Dickerson’s $6 Video

How His Wife Made “Yours” Theirs

I’ve been a fan of country newcomer Russell Dickerson since the very first time I heard him sing. His voice is hypnotic, and I rarely use that word. And his debut song “Yours” is somehow a ballad, but it’s one that does just fine without all the clichés that usually come with ballads.

When I saw the black-and-white video Dickerson made for “Yours,” again, I was smitten.

And now that I know that Dickerson and his wife Kailey shot the video for $6, I’m even more impressed.

The story goes like this:

Kailey set up her camera on a tripod in the back of their SUV and left the hatch open. A friend of the Dickerson’s drove — slowly and steadily — down a quiet street in West Nashville, while Dickerson followed the car and a rain storm followed Dickerson.

Later on, after dark, the Dickersons shot some kissing scenes in their own backyard with some of their workshop lights to brighten things up.

So what was the tiny $6 production budget for? The gas to drive up and down that street until Russell was soaked from the rain and they had to wrap the shoot.

Dickerson will be on tour with Thomas Rhett starting Feb. 23, and he recently posted an Instagram photo after Rhett came out to one of his shows.

There's those friends that bring you on their arena tours but still come see you at dive bars. #HomeTeamTour

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“There’s those friends that bring you on their arena tours but still come see you at dive bars,” he wrote.

As for Kailey, I hope she’s on the verge of a huge career herself as a maker of music videos and more.

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