Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to Expand Tour in 2018

Facebook Live Announcement Confirms Visits to Europe and Australia

During a Facebook Live chat with fans on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 31), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill announced that they’ll be taking their Soul2Soul World Tour to, well, the world.

With more than 13,000 people watching, and the two of them cracking each other up, they confirmed that they will be touring in Europe and Australia in 2018.

“We’re gonna make it really special,” McGraw promised.

Hill went on to explain that the timing of the tour has more to do with the family than the music.

“We have three daughters, and Gracie and Maggie are in college — which is exciting, heartbreaking and great — and Audrey is a freshman in high school,” Hill said. “I’ve been mainly off the road since the last tour. So I think in the back of our minds, it had to be the right time for our family.”

McGraw agreed, saying that they had to make sure all the elements were in place.

“This tour for us is so special. We don’t want to do it willy nilly,” he said.

After the 25-minute Q&A with fans, Hill worried that, “After this, we may not have a lot of fans left.”

When the session had to come to an end, McGraw joked to those watching that they got to go away while he was the one who had to take Hill home.