Faith Hill’s Backstage Essentials

A Husband, Good Jams and House Shoes

This is what Tim McGraw is hoping to get out of his upcoming Soul2Soul World Tour with his wife Faith Hill:

“I always say that I’m a kind of like a NASCAR trying to run with an Indy car when I’m onstage with Faith, and it makes me better at what I do. So I look forward to that,” McGraw said during the couple’s Facebook Live Q&A with fans on Tuesday (Jan. 31).

And as for Hill, she’s looking forward to just being on the road with McGraw, the band, the team, the fans, maybe doing some dancing — she says that’s always been a dream of hers, to go to town dancing to something — and listening to a good jam before each show.

Her only other backstage essential? House shoes, for the not-so-luxurious showers at the venues.

All McGraw needs, he said, is his hat and his boots.

The tour kicks off April 7 in New Orleans.