Tucker Beathard: No Musical Hand-Holding

His Songwriter Father Led by Example Only

Country newcomer Tucker Beathard isn’t really a newcomer when you consider the music he’s been soaking up all his life.

And he told industry publication Country Aircheck that growing up as the son of country songwriter Casey Beathard is part of what helped him hone his craft when it was his turn to put pen to paper.

“I was always around country songs, with my dad being a country songwriter. When I started writing songs, I naturally looked up to him and his storytelling. He takes pride in what he says. He doesn’t half-ass any songs.

“The way he thinks is just really cool,” Beathard said of his father, the man behind hits like “Home Boy,” “Boys of Fall,” “Don’t Blink,” “Cleaning This Gun (Come on In Boy),” “Walk a Little Straighter,” “Right Where I Need to Be” and about a hundred more.

Now that Tucker is two singles into his own debut EP, he still values his dad’s point of view.

“I respect my dad’s opinion more than anything,” he said in a recent radio interview.

“He’s one of the few people that can tell me, ‘I hate that song, that song sucks.’ I probably won’t say it to his face, I’ll probably be like, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ but I’ll probably go back home and rewrite it,” he admitted.

Best of all, Casey didn’t need to teach his son the ropes. Tucker just picked them up while he was growing up.

“He just really kind of led by example. (He) never has, never will force anything on me or hold my hand through anything,” Tucker said.

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