Miranda Lambert: Stories Behind Three of Her 24 Songs

She Talks About Tracks on The Weight of These Wings

If Miranda Lambert talked about every single song on her new double album The Weight of These Wings, it would be a lengthy proposition.

But slowly but surely and bit by bit, she seems to be sharing her thoughts about a handful of the new tunes.

Like in a recent radio interview with iHeart Radio’s Colton Bradford, Lambert answers his questions about three of the 24 tracks.

On “Runnin’ Just in Case” — a song Lambert wrote with Gwen Sebastian — she talked about how it came to be while she was on the road.

“That song kept me up all night long,” she said. “I wrote it from Birmingham to Biloxi. It wouldn’t stop. I was awake until like 4 a.m. and woke back up at 7 a.m. I love those songs that keep you up nights, and then when someone actually mentions it, you’re like, ’Oh, good. That worked.'”

Lambert’s fan favorite “Tin Man” is one she penned with Texas singer-songwriter Jack Ingram.

“It’s almost like I’m not sure everyone’s willing to go there, because it’s pretty tough,” she admitted of the downer of a heartbreak song.

And on “Smoking Jacket,” one she wrote with Natalie Hemby and Lucie Silvas, Bradford asked her if the lyrics — the ones about looking for a man with a smoking jacket who will love her until it hurts — is about her boyfriend Anderson East.

“Hey, he does smoke,” is all she says.

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