The Names Next to Chris Young’s

Who Will Follow Vince Gill and Cassadee Pope?

It’s probably the best feeling in the world to see your name on the country charts and on the radio display.

But what about seeing the name next to yours?

In Chris Young’s case, with his “Sober Saturday Night” single showing up everywhere, it keeps getting even better.

“It’s awesome to see that on the chart,” Young told Billboard about his collaboration with Vince Gill.

“As well as to see his name next to mine when it’s scrolling across the radio dial. It’s incredible. I’m such a huge fan, which I think I’ve been pretty transparent about. Being able to see that song rise, and everything that it’s done, as well has been really cool,” he said.

Getting to know Gill in real life probably seems surreal to Young, who remembers having him on a pedestal when he saw him in concert as a kid.

“Seeing him perform live onstage was one of those first times where I thought ‘I want to do what that guy does,’” he says.

Young seems to be killing it on country duets these days. In addition to his Gill song, his “Think of You” duet with Cassadee Pope is nominated for a Grammy for best country duo/group performance.

“It’s a song that I think ‘I better not sing this bad’ because she’s standing across the stage from me.

“It’s so cool to be able to perform that live, and I’m very excited to be able to celebrate this with her, as well,” he said.

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