Blake Shelton’s Brand New Video: “Every Time I Hear That Song”

He's Missing Someone in His Latest Single From If I'm Honest

Blake Shelton is missing that someone in his new video for “Every Time I Hear That Song,” his latest single.

Directed by Kristin Barlow in Nashville, the video features Shelton belting out a heartfelt performance in a shower of rain. He’s haunted by his love’s memory and finds himself unable to keep it together when he hears that one special song.

There’s nothing that can stir up a memory quite like music. We all know that.

“Every Time I Hear That Song” follows Shelton’s 23rd No. 1 single. Yes, you read that correctly — 23 chart-topping singles for the Oklahoma native.

He’s kicking off His Doing It to Country Songs Tour next week in Bakersfield, California, with two familiar faces from The Voice — RaeLynn and season 11 champion Sundance Head.

No word on whether Shelton will have rain during his performance on the road, but we’re thinking he should.

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