Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 7

Our Favorite Hurricane

The new episode of Nashville served up all the feels in the best way possible.

Let’s recap the top moments from Season 5 Episode 7: Hurricane.

  1. The Exes’ Success

    Scarlett and Gunnar better get ready, it looks like their lives are about to change forever.

  2. Damien’s Apology

    After the way he acted at the video shoot, he better grovel.

  3. Gene

    Gene was really bugging Rayna and Deacon, but we gotta admit, we can’t help but laugh every time Rayna yells “Gene!”

  4. The #Deyna Date

    It’s about time these two loosened up and had a little fun.

  5. Clay’s Fanboy Moment

    Aren’t we all, Clay?!

  6. Rayna’s Advice

    We love the way Rayna mentors Scarlett.

  7. Damien’s Bold Move

    Well, we definitely did not expect that!

  8. The Songwriting Process

    It was great getting an inside look at the way our favorite songs are written.

  9. Scarlett’s Honesty

    Scarlett has been on a roll lately when it comes to saying exactly what’s on her mind.

  10. Our Favorite Hurricane

    It’s safe to say we’ve had this song on repeat all weekend.

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