Carrie Underwood’s Blank Space

Excited, Nervous and Waiting

With her Storyteller Tour behind her, it sounds like Carrie Underwood feels blessed that it had such a happy ending.

Because now, she has a clean slate.

“I feel like my life right now, creatively, is kind of a blank space,” Underwood said when she was on the Grammy awards red carpet on Sunday (Feb. 12).

“I’m really excited about that, because you don’t know where you’re going to go, I’m nervous because I want whatever I do next to be amazing, so I’m kind of taking a little break right now and being a mom and being a wife and going to see some hockey games to see my husband play,” she told People.

In addition to being excited and nervous, she is also in the waiting mode.

“I’m kind of waiting for lightning to strike and go: ‘Okay, it’s time to get creative and work on new music,'” she said.

While she’s off the road, catching some of her husband Mike Fisher’s games, she might also have to prepare her son Isaiah for that eventual life on the ice.

“I’m pretty sure he’s going to play some hockey at some point in his life. He’s about to turn two and we’ll see what happens after that!

“You never know,” she said. “It’s up to the good Lord.”

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