Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 5 Episode 8

An Emotional Roller Coaster

If you’re like us, you’re still trying to process everything that happened on the latest episode of Nashville.

Let’s recap the big moments from Season 5 Episode 8: Stand Beside Me.

  1. Damien’s Proposition

    We knew something was up when Damien decided not to leave town after his moment with Scarlett outside of Highway 65, but he’s certainly not holding anything back now.

  2. Hockney’s Bailout

    Not only did Rayna’s stalker bail himself out of jail, but now he’s camped himself right outside her house, but just far enough away to not be violating his restraining order.

  3. Avery’s Music

    Avery Barkley is officially back in the studio! Although Juliette doesn’t seem to be into his new sound.

  4. Sassy Juliette

    Juliette’s proposal to the church choir to help her with her gospel album certainly did not go as planned, and she lashed out in a manner that was quite reminiscent of pre-crash Juliette.

  5. Scarlett Stands Up

    After her chat with good ol’ Uncle Deacon, Scarlett decided it was time to put herself first. Poor Gunnar didn’t see that one coming.

  6. Juliette’s Apology

    Given her outburst during her last visit with the church choir, we were nervous to see her come back for round two. To everyone’s surprise, she apologized in a deep and meaningful way, and convinced the group to help her with the album after all.

  7. Daphne and Rayna’s Mother-Daughter Moment

    Getting her period was a big moment for Daphne, and we loved watching Rayna show her support. Although if Daphne thought the present was too much, it’s a good thing she didn’t get wind of Deacon’s party plans.

  8. Scarlett and Damien

    Well, that escalated quickly. But as long as Scarlett is happy, we are happy for her!

  9. Hockney’s Return

    Rayna should probably fire her security team for not spotting Hockney hiding in the closet. With a knife. It’s safe to say we didn’t breathe at all during this scene.

  10. Rayna Heads Home

    Rayna escaped Hockey’s clutches just in time, but just when she was heading back to the safety of Deacon’s arms…

We are still reeling from the shocking ending to last week’s episode, and are counting down the minutes to see what happens next.

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