What It’s Like to Act With Tim McGraw

“The Most Humble Man I Ever Met," Sam Worthington Says

When The Shack opens in theaters on March 3, you will see Tim McGraw playing the best friend of Sam Worthington’s character.

So if Willie (McGraw) and Mack (Worthington) can be good together on screen, can it happen in real life?

Worthington certainly makes it sound like they hit it off during filming.

“He’s the most humble man I ever met,” Worthington told Newsday.

“For someone who’s achieved so much and is that famous, he’s the most down-to-earth man. He told me one day, ‘Sorry I’m so tired, Sam — I had a little gig last night.’ I said, ‘That’s OK.’

Later, Worthington put two and two together and realized that what kept McGraw up late was actually some kind of arena show. So, not such a “little” gig after all.

“I found out that little gig was at some football stadium with thousands of people. I said, ’You really undersold that, mate,'” the Australian actor said.

“But that sums him up — he doesn’t shout it from the rooftops.”

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