#NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

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“Meet me at the hospital”: the five words no one wants to hear. Ever.

But after Rayna was in a car accident at the end of last week’s episode of Nashville, that’s exactly how Thursday night’s (Feb. 23) show started.

After Deacon got the call about Rayna, he called Maddie. Gunnar called Scarlett. Someone called Juliette. Scarlett picked up Daphne.

Rayna was OK at first but, in medical terms, “pretty banged up.”

The morphine seemed to be fueling some good songwriting epiphanies. But then her late mom appeared from the great beyond — in pearls and heels — and gave Rayna some advice about how her song might already be finished.

As it turned out, the all-knowing spirit saw Rayna’s death coming before anyone else.

But before that, Rayna’s kids were starting to realize what an unbelievable mother they had.

Maddie thought the car accident was all her fault and told Clay as much. He responded by telling her about his own drug-addict mother, which gave Maddie the realization that her mom was always there for her.

Daphne was feeling the same way, acknowledging that her mom was always the only one who really cared about her.

And because she wouldn’t leave Rayna’s side in the hospital, her school choir came to the hospital to perform their concert bedside so that Daphne could sing without leaving.

Mid-song, Rayna’s kidneys started to shut down, her potassium went sky high, and she was rushed into ICU.

The doctor explained that this could happen after a crash and told Deacon to pray for the best but prepare for the worst.

Meanwhile, Scarlett had to put up with Gunnar’s incessant questions about her new fling with Damien, and Juliette was coping with a bad case of hypochondria.

But none of that mattered when Deacon finally leveled with everyone, saying, “It’s not good.”

In a morphine-laced conversation with Juliette before her organs started to fail, Rayna had told her that she was different since her plane crash. That when she fell out of the sky, something shook out of her.

And Rayna wondered, after her own accident, what would shake out of her.

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