Nicole Kidman Flips Script at Oscars

Says Keith Urban "Lives and Breathes Music"

When Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban walked the red carpet before the Academy Awards on Sunday night (Feb. 26), she obviously talked about her movie Lion and her nomination for best supporting actress.

But after that, she was happy to steer the conversation in Urban’s direction.

He was standing by her side, staying pretty quiet and letting her have her moment, but when talked turned to his seven recent Academy of Country Music Awards nominations, Kidman spoke up.

“I have to say, I mean, he lives and breathes music. And I think that’s why, when I talk about connecting, I feel him connecting to his fans through that music,” Kidman said.

“And it’s so beautiful when it gets acknowledged in this way, as well,” she said of the other Academy.

Urban added that he was so very, very grateful for the ACM recognition.

“What this album Ripcord’s done has just been beyond anything we could have imagined,” he said.

Kidman didn’t win the Academy Award — it went to Viola Davis won for her role in Fences — but after the ACM Awards in April, maybe there will be another trophy or two on display in their Nashville home.

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