Carrie Underwood’s Birthday Card to Isaiah

"I Thank God for You Each and Every Day"

You know what’s adorable about 2-year-olds? Everything. And Carrie Underwood just posted proof of that on her social media pages.

It’s a photo of her son Isaiah, who is celebrating his second birthday Monday (Feb. 27), in his little Levi’s, doing his very best to reach a balloon that’s hovering above him.

And what’s even sweeter is the caption Underwood posted along with the photo. All about the struggle of raising a child who is growing up way too fast, and all the holding on and letting go you have to do as a mother.

“Where did two years go? My angel is getting so big! On one hand, it’s so fun to see him learn and grow, but on the other, it’s all happening so fast! Happy birthday, little monkey! You are my world… my heart … and I thank God for you each and every day! The two years you have been on this earth have been the best of our lives! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!”

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