Brad Paisley on the Impact of Lyrics

“That’s Why We Do This,” He Says

There may be a handful of music stars who are in it for the wrong reasons, but Brad Paisley isn’t one of them.

Paisley is here — in the heart of country music — for all the right reasons.

Specifically, he wants his music to move people. And it does, right? It makes you laugh (“I’m Gonna Miss Her,” “Catch All the Fish”), makes you cry (“He Didn’t Have to Be,” “A Man Don’t Have to Die”) and makes you think (“When I Get Where I’m Going,” “Letter to Me”). His music makes a mark, which is why he came to Nashville.

“That’s the thing. That’s why we do this. In country music, we do this for this very reason … to impact people lyrically, to be a part of their lives,” Paisley said in a recent radio interview.

When he sings his latest single “Today” at his shows, he says, he explains that to his fans.

“I say, ’You know what? Thank you for the memories you have given me and thanks for letting me be a part of yours.’ That’s what we are all doing in this town,” he said.

“Today” is the first single off Paisley’s next album Love and War, due out April 21.

And he is currently on the road making stops all over the U.S. and Europe through the end of September

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