Luke Bryan Plays “Catchphrase” With Jimmy Fallon

Singer Excels With Opera, Jump Rope and Scooby-Doo

On Thursday night’s (March 2) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Luke Bryan performed his new song “Fast.”

But Fallon made sure the good times lasted as long as possible and kept Bryan on the show for another four minutes.

Bryan was recruited for three rounds of the “Catchphrase” game. He and Fallon teamed up against Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow.

“I appreciate you getting world-class actors in here to compete against,” Bryan joked.

But once the timer started, Bryan won points for his opera voice clue, his jump rope skills, his Scooby-Doo impersonation, his hitchhiker guess, his snow globe answers, his knowledge of the stand-up bass and his overall sportsmanlike conduct.

(Even though at one point mid-game, he said that the whole thing was so nerve-wracking.)

The only point Bryan and Fallon didn’t get a chance to win was on the last clue for “Off the Record.”

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