Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

The Best Tweets You Might Have Missed

While you were busy doing your own weekend things, here is what you might have missed from the country artists you love. Jason Aldean adopted Boss, Kelsea Ballerini had airport struggles, Carrie Underwood caught up on some Walking Dead, Dierks Bentley soaked up the Vegas energy, Miranda Lambert showed off some stage accessories and Faith Hill shared an old picture from her baton-twirling days.

Aldean: “Everybody has been askin so here u go.”

Ballerini: “When you forget your ID for the 6am flight, get a public patdown and run onto the full plane barefoot to your middle seat…”

Underwood: “That was mean @WalkingDead_AMC …real mean.”

Bentley: “vegas night 2. i now see why artists do residencies here. crazy crazy energy tonight. thank you!”

Lambert: “Redneck girl’s got her name on the back of her belt”-Bellamy Brothers Favorite show belt….”

Hill: “I’m thinking about bringing back my killer baton skills for the tour. Maybe the outfit too!!!!”