Justin Moore on Timing of Dogs and Babies

Blames Himself for Not Doing Homework

This is a seriously full house.

Justin Moore and his wife Kate are expecting a fourth baby — who will join three big sisters Rebecca, 2, Kennedy, 5, and Ella, 6 — in June.

And for some reason, Moore thought this would be a good time to add to his brood with Johnny and June, his two new dogs. Really, really big dogs.

The Moores moved into a new house late last year, and in a recent radio interview, Moore admitted he had no idea that the Great Danes were destined for so much greatness.

“After we put the down payment, I was getting my haircut and I was telling (the stylist) that we were getting two Great Danes and I was excited because I hadn’t ever — even though I grew up where I grew up — had outside dogs,” Moore said.

“And he goes ’I’ve had Great Danes, man I love them, but you know they’re not outside dogs?’ And I go, ’Ahahaha whatever.’ I mean they get 200 pounds apiece. I’m like, ’They gotta be an outside dog.’ He goes, ’No, really they’re not.’

“So long story short we’ve got two, 200-pound inside dogs because we were too stupid to do any further research,” he said.

Johnny and June will likely be the last dogs the Moores welcome into their home, though. Because in January, when Moore announced his family’s baby news, he said, “No more dogs, thankfully!”

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