Sun Records’ Jerry Lee Lewis and Peggy Sutter are #RelationshipGoals IRL

On-Screen Turned Off-Screen Romance

If you thought the chemistry between Sun Records Jerry Lee Lewis and Peggy Sutter, Lewis’ girlfriend on the show, was way too realistic, you’re definitely on to something.

It’s the actors who play these lovebirds that have chemistry in real life.

Christian Lees and Cait Pool actually met on set, and their romance continues to blossom. Lees describes their relationship as an instant connection.

“Our first scene was a kissing scene. We didn’t want things to be awkward, so we went to dinner before filming. [My brother] Jonah came on the date with us, actually. We went to Spindini, an Italian restaurant in Memphis, and we just had a very good connection. It kind of just happened. And, I’m glad it happened — she’s lovely,” says Lees.

Tune in Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT to watch their on-screen love unfold. In the meantime, take a look at their off-screen romance — we’ve done a little Insta-stalking so you don’t have to.

  1. 2 in a row? I don't care our snapchat game is on point @k8pool

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  2. Sneakily promoting Sun Records in the gym with @k8pool – Watch @cmt February 23rd

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  3. Lightening fast LA adventures with Pietra and Boy Boy { PC: @pietraingenito }

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  4. Happy Halloween from Tink and Draco✨ (@k8pool and I) Thank you, Cait. 3 weeks never felt so quick❤️

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  5. Described in two photos @k8pool

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  6. Pretending like I'm a Golf expert to impress @k8pool

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  7. When @k8pool takes the selfie before I've finished doing my hair #fail **goals

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