Zac Brown on His Old Man

“Glad My Dad Gets to Hear This Song”

Zac Brown Band’s latest tune — “My Old Man” — is one Brown has tried to write before. But this time, he nailed it.

“I tried to write dad songs before but never hit it on the head. I feel like we’ve finally written a song that can translate and make someone feel like that one made me feel,” Brown told Billboard Country Update.

“I’m glad my dad gets to hear this song.”

When you listen closely to the song, you can hear Brown getting a little emotional. And that’s real, he says.

“Songs are powerful things — they really are, and music helped my life so much. I wouldn’t be the man that I am without it. A song makes you feel something, and that should be kind of the rule,” he said.

Brown opens up in the story about his biological father Jim, and his mentor Rodney Shelton.

“I inherited a lot of incredible people in my life,” says Brown. “Other dads took me in and were part of my journey, so I had a lot of things to say.”

“The line ’I hope he’s proud of who I am,’ that’s really the icing on the cake.”