Keith Urban Gives Guitar Lessons to Hockey Player

But What Did Andrew Shaw Teach Him?

If Stanley Cup winner Andrew Shaw offers you hockey lessons, you lace up your skates and give him a big ol’ merci beaucoup.

Then, you sit him down in the locker room and teach him some guitar basics.

That’s what happened when Keith Urban spent some time in Montreal to promote his upcoming tour stops in Canada.

“Just spent the whole day in Montreal — I felt SO much love, and can’t wait to come back in August. Merci Beaucoup!!!!!!!!,” Urban wrote on Thursday (March 16).

While Urban was there, he gave Shaw — former Chicago Blackhawk and now a forward for the Montreal Canadiens — private guitar lessons after some ice time in Brossard, Quebec.

Maybe the hockey/country love will continue when Urban gets back to Nashville and Carrie Underwood can finally bring him and Nicole Kidman to one of her husband Mike Fisher’s Predators games.

On the Grammy Awards red carpet, Underwood said she’s been trying for the hockey night out.

“Dates are few and far between at this point in our lives just because the season is so crazy, but I know they’ve come to games before, so hopefully I can get them out,” she said.