Carrie Underwood Finds World’s Smallest Cowboy Boots

Sends Perfect Pair to Hoda Kotb

For as long as I’ve been collecting* cowboy boots, I never knew they made them small enough for a baby.

Leave it to Carrie Underwood to find a pair just right for Hoda Kotb’s new baby girl.

Kotb tweeted her gratitude on Monday (March 20) to Underwood with a picture of the adorable pale pink boots for her one-month-old.

“Hey @carrieunderwood !!! Haley Joy loves her very first pair of cowboy boots!!! Can’t wait until you meet her ! Thank you,” the Today show anchor wrote.

Kotb and her boyfriend Joel Schiffman recently adopted Haley Joy, who was born on Feb. 14.

* I say “collecting,” because that way, it sounds more like a conscious investment in cowboy boots. Instead of just a mindless amassing of things I don’t need. I like to think that I collect cowboy boots the way wealthy people collect art.

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