Luke Bryan Joins Men-Are-Idiots Club

For Better, But For Worse

You know how when you take your wedding vows, you promise to love someone for better or for worse?

Well, this is not what that means.

In a recent conversation with KSON radio in San Diego, Luke Bryan admitted that he’s had some fights with his wife Caroline that he handled, well, like an idiot.

“I keep wanting to make it better, and that makes it worse,” Bryan said. It was just one example of one of the millions of Men-Are-Idiots Club moments he said he’s had in his life.

“You know what, my problem is when you’re all up in the fight or the argument, I should just hang up,” he said.

But he doesn’t hang up. And he sounds like he usually regrets dragging things out.

“Sometimes when they let you off the hook, you don’t let yourself off the hook,” he said. “But I’m learning. You just accept that you lost, and accept the defeat, and then pick another day.”

Happy wife, happy life, and all that.

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