No More Empty Seats for Maren Morris

Now Texas Shows Will Be Packed

Call it the Grammy Effect.

Now that Maren Morris has won one of the coveted awards, she has returned to her home state of Texas. And her shows there will be much different from when she was just getting started and most of the seats were empty.

“Coming back to Texas is really emotional,” Morris told Billboard, “because I toured around Texas for 10 years when I was a kid and people didn’t really show up.”

Once you’ve seen a sold-out Morris concert with fans packed in tight, it’s almost impossible to picture a honky tonk with only a handful of listeners.

Now, though, she says that going back to Texas after her Grammy win is going to feel a little bit like a homecoming.

“It feels like you’re going home to your high school reunion and you’re like ’Yeah, I have a Grammy!’ Just stroll in with my fur coat and pearls,” she laughed.

“All these people that have watched me go from the girl that was the background music at a bar at a honky tonk in middle-of-nowhere Texas to coming back on a sold-out tour and finishing out the right way,” she said.

Morris heads to Sunday’s (April 2) 52nd annual ACM Awards as the organization’s 2017 new female vocalist. Morris’ five nominations include nods for female vocalist, album (as artist and producer) and single record of the year (as artist and producer).

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