Now Luke Bryan Has Tips for Blake Shelton

Tables Turn on The Voice

There was a time, about nine years ago, when Luke Bryan was getting advice from Blake Shelton. It was when Bryan was opening for Shelton somewhere in Wisconsin, and he filmed some of Shelton’s tips for his very first episode of LBTV (He called the moment “Words of wisdom or pure BS?”).

But on Monday night (March 27), it was the other way around.

Shelton brought Bryan on The Voice to help his contestants bring their best to the competition.

And Team Blake was definitely better off because if it.

“Luke and I have worked together a lot over the years. Nobody’s been more excited by his success than I have,” Shelton said.

Some of Bryan’s best advice of the night went to Josh Hoyer and TSoul when they were getting ready to sing Wilson Pickett’s 1965 bluesy classic, “In the Midnight Hour.”

“Commit with full voice, and work the mic,” Bryan told them.

He also lavished praise on the two hopefuls, telling them, “Y’all compliment each other” and “Don’t try to overdo that when you’ve already got the goods” and “That ’waiting waiting waiting’ that just pulled me into y’all, hook line and sinker.”

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