Tim McGraw Offers Equine Equation

He Says Faith Hill Is the Thoroughbred in Their Latest Duet

So this is what it’s really like in the recording studio with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: she leads, and he just tries to keep up?

In a new video about the music they are making together, McGraw and Hill talk about their new single, “Speak to a Girl,” and share some stories (and secrets) from the recording sessions.

“I’ll tell you — I don’t know if this is a secret or not — but when we in the studio recording ‘Speak to a Girl’ and just laying the tracks down, for me it was like a quarter horse trying to keep up with a thoroughbred singing in there,” McGraw said.

“So when you hear Faith sing, it’s what she sang the day we were in the tracking room laying down the song. And mine? I had to do a little work on mine,” he admits.

While Hill is practically blushing by his side, McGraw goes on and on about how naturally it comes to her.

“She just nailed hers right off the bat. She was done with the song the first day.

“That’s how you speak to a girl,” he deadpanned.

Debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard country airplay chart, “Speak to a Girl” has broken the record that McGraw and Hill set together in 1997 when “It’s Your Love” duet debuted at No. 35.

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