Karen Fairchild: There Will Be Fringe

Style Predictions for ACM Awards Red Carpet

I think I know what Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild is going to wear when she walks the Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet on Sunday (April 2).

It’s going to be cool, and it’s probably going to have fringe.

In a new interview with the fashion site Racked, Fairchild admits she’s the biggest risk taker in the band, thanks in part to their stylist Karla Welch.

“Sometimes Karla will create special pieces based on conversations we’ve had. She made me a full-length fringe jacket a few years ago — I mean, the fringe went all the way to the floor — inspired by this couture dress I’d seen on the runway and loved,” Fairchild

“Karla and I share a love of fringe — we’re never gonna give it up no matter which way the trends go! And it’s so good on stage to have that movement, that swing. It just gives you a lot of drama,” she said.

Even when Fairchild’s had outfits she has looked back on with a critical eye, for the most part she just loves to try new things, and if she ends up on a worst dressed list, that’s a chance she’s willing to take.

“I don’t mind going out there and trying something and knowing it might be criticized, that maybe fans won’t get what I’m doing. If I love it, I wear it!

“If you’re on the red carpet (regularly), you’re gonna end up on somebody’s ’Don’t’ list,” she said.

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