Luke Bryan Says His Fingers Are Crossed

How the ACM Hosts Feel About Their Nominations

I think Dierks Bentley said it best when he said, “Nice to be nominated when you’re up there hosting.”

I mean, right?

It’s one thing to get a hosting gig, but quite another to get nominated. And to get both? Well, that’s the ultimate goal.

So when the Academy of Country Music posed the question to Bentley, he said that to be nominated for the album of the year felt amazing.

“To get that recognition, most importantly from the fans that go out there and buy that album, buy those singles, sing those songs back to you so loudly night after night; that’s the biggest recognition you can possibly get. But obviously getting the recognition from your peers and everyone in the business is really nice, too. So it’s nice to have both if you can get it,” Bentley said.

Bentley’s co-host Luke Bryan feels the same way about his nominations.

And he told the ACM that job No. 1 for him is to have more fun than anybody.

“I’m trying to have the most fun in the room. Just getting up there and interacting with the fans and not take the show too seriously,” Bryan said.

“But certainly, every time the nominations come around, you’re always keeping your fingers crossed for a nomination. And to get multiple entertainer of the year nominations is something you don’t ever take for granted.

“You’re still feeling like you’re kind of in the game a little bit,” he said.

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