Behind Thomas Rhett’s New Single

How Maren Morris Ended Up on “Craving You”

LAS VEGAS — Sometimes, the unintentional collaborations make the best duets.

And it seems like that’s the case with Thomas Rhett’s newest single, “Craving You.”

At an Outnumber Hunger event on Friday (March 31) in Las Vegas leading up to Sunday’s ACM Awards, Thomas Rhett told the music industry crowd how it all went down.

“We recorded the entire new record in January, and I think we recorded way too many songs,” he said. “I think we cut 24 — and so to pick a first single was really hard. But this song ’Craving You’ was always at the top of my list.

“It didn’t start out being a duet, but my manager was like, ’What if we got a female to sing on this song?’ Both of our brains went to Maren’s voice. It’s such a strong, powerful, soulful voice. And so once we got the mix back, we were like, ’This undeniably the first single.'”

What he likes about the song is that it’s up-tempo, which he claims he’s not usually good at writing or recording.

“It reminds me of like an ’80s driving song, with like Phil Collins-y drum sounds,” he said.

Other collaborators on the upcoming album include his dad Rhett Akins (“I’m trying to be solely responsible for reviving his artistry career”) and Selena Gomez.

“I promise you, if I could collaborate on every song, I would. I love doing songs with different people and doing songs with friends,” he said.

He described the new music as a very all-over-the-place record.

“There are songs about finding out I’m gonna be a dad of two. There are love songs. And there are songs that are too crazy for anybody to ever play,” Thomas Rhett said, “but I think that’s what I’m good at.”

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