Choreographing the ACM Awards’ Best Dance Number

Florida Georgia Line, the Backstreet Boys (and Tim McGraw's FOMO)

It’s hard to say what was better: Florida Georgia Line’s flawless execution of the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” dance — or Tim McGraw’s response to it?

Or even the quick tweet that FGL sent out about McGraw’s Fear of Missing Out?

The synchronized dance routine with the Backstreet Boys was one of the big moments from Sunday night’s (April 2) Academy of Country Music Awards, and while it was a last-minute decision, FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley didn’t commit to the iconic ’90s boy band dance lightly.

Chris Polk/ACMA2017/Getty Images for ACM

“After rehearsal yesterday, we walked off thinking, ’We gotta learn the dance moves and we got to do it together, otherwise we’re selling ourselves short. So let’s go big, let’s do it,” Hubbard told Billboard.

“It took us all day actually,” he said of how much time they put in to learning the moves. “Nick (Carter) and Kevin (Richardson) sent us a little video last night so BK and I — as we were falling asleep — we were watching dance videos trying to learn it.”

Carter even came by their hotel on Sunday to spend some time coaching them on the steps.

And just like any other skill, this dance took practice, practice, and more practice.

“I got a picture from Tyler, he’s in the mirror, it’s a selfie,” Kelley said. “He asked, ’Is this the right move?’ And I said, ’Yeah, brother, that’s the right move right there.”

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