Blake Shelton: “I Almost Need a Barf Bag”

High Praise for Jimmy Fallon's New Ride

On The Tonight Show on Tuesday (April 4), Jimmy Fallon took Blake Shelton on a tour of his new virtual reality ride at Universal Studios.

It’s called Race Through New York. And it made Shelton want to puke.

But first, they needed to swap sarcastic criticisms of each other.

Shelton told Fallon he looked like Potsie from the classic TV show Happy Days.
Then he told Fallon that when Jay Leno was the host, that’s when The Tonight Show was good. Then he told Fallon that the ride is not a real ride, like a roller coaster or a ferris wheel.

When it was Fallon’s turn to dish out some hate, he brought out the a capella group the Ragtime Gals to sing the title track off Shelton’s If I’m Honest album, which they had clearly never heard before.

Then they do a shot of vodka and start the ride, which Shelton admits is pretty cool.

And when they get off the ride, Shelton finally had something nice to say: “I almost need a barf bag.”

Later in the show, when Shelton sat down with Fallon, they laughed about Shelton’s old mullet.

“I think it was cheaper just to get half a haircut back then,” he said. “It was cool back then. Everybody knows that was cool.”

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