Sundance Head Admits Stealing Blake Shelton’s Jokes

The Voice Winner Attends ACM Awards, Talks Lessons Learned From Tour

Blake Shelton wasn’t at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night (April 2) in Las Vegas, but he was there in spirit on the red carpet when Sundance Head was walking into the show.

As he posted on Twitter, Shelton was relaxing back home in Oklahoma.

However, Head stopped to tell me all about what he learned from his mentor during his time on The Voice and then on the road as Shelton’s tour opener.

“To be on tour with Blake, to me it was really vindicating,” Head explained. “When we went out that first night and got a standing ovation, I knew right then I that that’s what I thought was gonna happen.”

He said Shelton’s live crowd is much different than the audience watching The Voice. The concert crowd tends to be full of rowdy, drinking fans, but that’s fine with Head.

“Those are the exact people I need to reach out to,” he said. “And so it was such a blessing that Blake gave me that opportunity.

“I learned so much from him. I watched his show every night, and I never got tired of it. He engages the crowd so well and makes them feel like they’re actually part of the show. Each person there thinks he’s just there singing just to them.

“I stole a lot of his stage jokes, though, and I was on stage first,” he laughed. “Blake said, ’Quit stealing my lines, man!'”

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