Little Big Town: Agree to Disagree

A House Divided Pairs Well With Wine

Little Big Town’s new song “Happy People” is not some kind of political statement.

It’s more of an attitude anthem. And that attitude is: agree to disagree.

In the April 15 issue of Billboard, the band’s cover story touches on the tune and has Karen Fairchild explaining how she looks at the message and what she hopes listeners will take away from it.

“There’s probably not a house in America that’s not divided right now, disagreeing about things going on in the country,” she said. “If you can’t learn to look across the table and go, ’I love you and I totally disagree with you, but hey, let’s have a glass of wine.'”

With lyrics like “Life is short and love is rare/And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here,” the song seems to push people into seeing the bigger picture.

And hopefully, more happy people will lead to fewer mean people.

As the band’s Kimberly Schlapman pointed out by lamenting the disappearance of good manners, “Why is it now OK to say horrible things about people? Why is it now normal?”

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