Carrie Underwood: “That’s My Man”

Says Husband "Truly Has the Sweetest Heart"

Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators was recently nominated for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, and I think it’s safe to say that no one is more excited about the honor than his wife Carrie Underwood.

The Clancy Trophy will ultimately go to the NHL player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and makes humanitarian contributions in his community.

“There’s so many guys that do a great job that are leaders and do work in the community, and there’s so many guys that are deserving of that award,” Fisher told “I appreciate it that they think of me that way. That definitely means a lot.”

“I feel like I’ve been blessed and given a platform to play this game, and I enjoy helping and I think that’s why there’s a greater purpose than just playing hockey.

“That’s where you get your real satisfaction, I believe, is doing some of those things to help other people and just be more about other people than yourself. If you can do that — and sometimes I wish I could do more and did more — but those are some of the fulfilling things, knowing that you’re given the ability for a reason and to use it in the right ways,” he said.

Some of the groups Fisher contributes his time and talent to include the Nashville homeless facility Room in the Inn (serving the homeless community), the Cottage Cove Urban Ministries (serving inner city youth) and the Rocketown youth outreach facility.