Video Premiere: Lucie Silvas Faces Inner Demons With “Smoke”

CMT Next Women of Country Singer-Songwriter Takes Us to a Dark Side

Lucie Silvas is about as lovely and warm as they come, but she gets into quite a shadowy character in her delectably dark and twisty video for “Smoke.”

Rife with temptation, dark emotions and dangerous choices, Silvas’ character in “Smoke” tackles a battle with inner demons in the form of various characters and vignettes displaying her incredible versatility as a storyteller.

The video is the final installment of her trilogy directed by Patrick Tohill, which began with the video for “Letters to Ghosts” followed by “Villain” and, finally, “Smoke.”

So who is the mysterious “villain” in this trilogy? Could it possibly be Silvas herself? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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