Eric Church’s Thursday Show Lasts Until Friday

“It’s Just Us and You" for Three Solid Hours

Everybody stayed.

That’s what struck me about Eric Church’s Chicago show on Thursday night (April 13).

That Church could not only draw a crowd of 18,000, but that he could keep them in the arena well past midnight.

No one was rushing home to relieve the babysitter. No one needed to get out early to beat the parking lot traffic jam. No one seemed worried about how they might feel in the morning. It felt like no one even considered leaving until Church left.

Maybe because going into the concert, Church’s fans knew just what to expect.

“You know the deal,” Church said a few songs into his 185 minutes of music.

“It’s just us and you,” he said of the tour’s straightforward, no-opener concert bill. “All night long. Because of my history in this city and where we came from, you’re gonna get a little something extra. My apologies to everyone else. We’re gonna sing, we’re gonna play, we’re gonna be here as long as you wanna be here. If you guys meet me halfway tonight, I promise this: they will be talking about this show for a long time. Deal?”

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