Luke Bryan: A Different Set of Boots on the Ground

Sharing Thoughts on Breaking Chart Records

Because Luke Bryan broke a chart record with his latest song “Fast” — it was the sixth No. 1 from his album Kill the Lights, which no other country artist had ever done — he stopped by the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast with his boss Mike Dungan to talk about what the album is all about.

“When you hear accolades and achievements like that, what it took to get to this point just immediately flashes in front of your eyes,” Bryan said. “From the point to where I meet Mike Dungan for the first time, he saw something in me. And you start there.

“Well, it starts with moving to Nashville. But when you’re in the room with the president of Capitol Records, you’ve got to prove to him that you’re going to be able to pull this career off one day.”

While Bryan many not have made the album in order to break this chart record — “We just set out to make the best music we can and have fun with it” — the records did break.

“This is just a testament to everybody really doing a good job. We have felt like it’s been my best album,” he said, but added that it’s been a head-scratching album.

Bryan went down the list of No. 1’s, saying things like “Kick the Dust Up” sounds like a Luke Bryan song, “Strip It Down” is bigger live than it ever was and how “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” is the ode to the country boy he always wanted to record.

And as for “Home Alone Tonight,” Bryan just says that everyone on the team for that one had a different set of boots on the ground.

He even reflected on his first chart experience, a decade ago when his songs were no automatic No. 1’s.

“’All My Friends Say’ was 43 weeks in,” he said, “and it went to 5, and we popped champagne around here.”

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