Brad Paisley Makes Nostalgia New Again

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Life is full of lasts.

That’s what I’ve been thinking almost every day, as my last child is spending her last days in high school.

And just when I think I might be able to keep my tears at bay, Brad Paisley releases a song that makes it all so much more bittersweet.

In his “Last Time for Everything,” he sings that there is always a last. A last call. Last chance. Last song. Last dance. And the picture he paints of that time in everyone’s life tells such a vivid story, complete with fake IDs, George Strait cassettes and mullets.

“’Last Time for Everything’ has a hyper focus on those high school years,” Paisley explained in a radio interview.

“You get the sense for the first time in high school that life is a fast-moving machine. You also realize that things change,” he said, “and once they do, they’re changed forever.”

Paisley wrote the song with Smith Ahnquist, Brent Anderson, Chris DuBois and Mike Ryan. He said his intention with the song was to write something nostalgic that didn’t feel like something you’d already heard.

“I’m looking for that thing that feels like those songs that you love that sort of deal with ’those were the days,'” he said.

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