Sara Evans: “Now I Am the Label”

Female Boss and Writers Find Right Words

When Sara Evans’ new album Words is released on July 21, women everywhere will likely be celebrating. And not just Evans.

The album will be the first on her own Born to Fly record label, and it will feature songs from 14 of Nashville’s best songwriters who also happen to be women.

It wasn’t intentional to have so many female writers. It just kind of happened that way.

“When we put together the final track listing and looked at the writers, it was a nice surprise to see how many were written or co-written by women,” Evans told People.

“Unfortunately right now there still aren’t as many opportunities for female artists to be heard, so many of these incredible songs are sitting on a hard drive somewhere and not seeing the light of day,” she added.

Part of Evans’ decision to start her own record label, she said, was her desire to have 100 percent control over every decision in her own record-making process.

“We went into the song search with the mindset of choosing the most amazing songs, no matter what,” she said. “We didn’t put a filter on our thinking of ’Will this work at country radio with what’s being played now?’ or ’What does my label team think of this song?’ Now I am the label, and it has given me complete creative freedom.”

Evans hopes that she can help show other women in the music industry that they can do anything they set their mind to.

One women in particular is Evans’ 14-year-old daughter Olivia, who sings background vocals on her mom’s new album.

“When Olivia went in to sing her parts I just told her, ’Do what you do when we’re singing around the house. Just have fun and enjoy it.’ I tried to not be a stage mom and give her too much advice and let her find her own vibe and sound,” she said.