Garth Brooks Is Definitely Much Better Than the Prom

Performs Promposal in Champaign, Illinois

Kate from Champaign, Illinois, was treated to a double dose of Garth Brooks live at the State Farm Center on Saturday (April 29) for her prom night.

During Brooks’ afternoon show, he spotted Kate with her hair in an updo and a sign that read, “Gonna be late to PROM. GARTH comes FIRST.”

Brooks then played “Ireland” at her request and asked her about her plans for the rest of the evening. When she revealed she didn’t have a prom date, Brooks suggested she go to the dance to check it out and if it wasn’t any fun, she was welcome back for the evening show.

Kate came back for the next show to help with the t-shirt cannons during “Friends in Low Places,” and she showed up all decked out in her prom dress. The two even got together backstage for a traditional prom photo.

During his latest online program, Inside Studio G, Brooks called the moment “one of the greatest memories I will ever have playing music live.”

The feeling was mutual for Kate. She called the night, “So much better than the prom. Definitely much better than the prom.”