Kenny Chesney’s “Rich and Miserable” Commencement Speech

New Video Asks Students What They’re Willing to Give

There is a hidden commencement speech for the graduating classes of 2017 in Kenny Chesney’s new music video for “Rich and Miserable.”

In the two-minute opening, actor John C. McGinley plays a college professor who tells his students to forget about everything they might face outside of class, and lose the belief that life may owe them something. Instead, he only wants them to think about one thing.

“What will you be willing to give to change the word miserable to joyful,” McKinley asks. “What will you be so rich with that you will be willing to share it with the entire world? I want you to distill all that down to one word, come up here write it on the board and then walk out the door and then I want you to give it to the world.”

One by one, students walk up to the chalkboard and each writes one word representing the legacy they ultimately hope to leave behind.

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