Brothers Osborne Bring the Heat and Humor in Action-Packed Video

Point Break-Inspired Robbery Sequence and Celebrity Masks Propel “It Ain’t My Fault”

Buckle up and hold on tight! Brothers Osborne have officially gone to the next level with their brand new music video for “It Ain’t My Fault.”

And let’s just get one thing straight: This is not your average old drinking and misbehaving song. The lyrical roots run much deeper, which we see humorously explored in the video’s recreation of one of Hollywood’s most iconic cinematic moments.

“It’s a spinoff of the iconic robbery scene in the movie Point Break,” the duo’s John Osborne tells People magazine.

“The media these days is flooded with all things presidential and politics. No matter what goes wrong, presidents all seem to pin the blame on something else as opposed to being accountable for their own actions. The connection and timing was perfect.”

And they have their co-writer to thank for the genius and hilarious idea for the video treatment.

“John and I always like titles that aren’t obvious but are everyday sayings, and we’re all guilty of saying ’It Ain’t My Fault’ more so than it actually being true,” TJ Osborne adds. “So when our co-writer Lee Thomas Miller brought up the idea [for the video] we were like ’Oh, hell yeah.’ We wanted a video that was as exciting as the music.”

It’s definitely exciting. No political party is safe from the spoofing and, let’s be honest, we could all use a little more accountability in our lives, right?

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