Thomas Rhett Plays Good Cop, Bad Cop

With Guest Star Maren Morris, "Craving You" Video Feels More Like Action Movie

“If you do things you don’t want to do, it’ll make you a better person.”

That’s what Thomas Rhett says in the beginning of his video for his brand new song, “Craving You.” It’s the kind of opening that forces you to pay close attention to what’s happening in the five and a half minute video, which feels more like an action movie with some very high stakes crimes and a lot of violence and general badassery.

Maren Morris, who sings the song with him, also stars in the video. She plays, well, I’m not really sure if she is one of the good guys or bad guys. But she looks good doing it.

And director TK McKamy called the project “Jason Bourne meets Ocean’s Eleven meets Snatch.”

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