Tim McGraw on the Bigger Message

Speaking to Girls and Their Parents Via 60-Second Docs

If you follow Tim McGraw on social media, you’ve probably noticed how he’s been sharing some heartfelt 60-Second Docs videos lately.

There is one about a 6-year-old girl playing basketball with dreams of playing for the WNBA and another one about a father who helps teach other dads how to style their daughters’ hair.

They are precious. And I hope he keeps it up. Because it seems like the girl-power videos might all be a part of McGraw’s desire to share an important message with the world, as part of his “Speak to a Girl” campaign.

McGraw sings the song with his wife Faith Hill, and in a recent radio interview, he talked about what it’s like when a song like this comes his way.

“You find great songs, and good songs, and songs that talk about love and talk about different subject matters in a lot of great ways and have great melodies,” McGraw says. “But every now and then, you come across a song that has a bigger message than just you singing the song and just making a record of it.”

“Speak to a Girl” was written by Shy Carter, Dave Gibson and Joe Spargur.

“The song itself and what it says has a bigger and broader message, and I think this is one of those songs,” he said.

McGraw and Hill’s Soul2Soul World Tour continues Thursday night (May 4) in Newark, New Jersey.

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