Miranda Lambert Says “Leave Some Mystery”

She Tells CMT’s Cody Alan Why She Doesn't Overshare

Since 2004, when Miranda Lambert released her debut single “Me and Charlie Talking,” she’s revealed so much of herself in her songs.

So is 13 years of music the reason why she doesn’t feel the need to reveal every single thing about herself on social media?

In a new interview with CMT After MidNite‘s Cody Alan, Lambert admits that she doesn’t love social media, and that she prefers to use it to promote her friends’ music, and her dogs.

“Social media is really hard for me,” Lambert admits. And when she does decide to post something, she has someone in her inner circle check it for her. “I’m like, ‘Read this. Is it OK?'”

She does that because being a celebrity means being under intense scrutiny.
“People hammer on you for spelling and grammar, and everybody reads into everything so much,” she said, “and so I just chose wisely what I share.”

Lambert joked with Alan that “I don’t care what you had for lunch,” but then had some seriously good advice for anyone who’s addicted to socials.

“It feels like you’re putting your life out there, and it’s scary. Also, leave some mystery.

“I think that some people overshare and some people don’t share enough. And there’s a line,” she said.

Lambert will be Cody Alan’s guest on CMT After MidNite on Friday (May 5).